A Message to All NJ State Wars Tryout Players & Parents

on Mar 29, 2014
A Message to All NJ State Wars Tryout Players & Parents


Listed below is the NEW JERSEY Tryout Schedule.  We are still taking registration online!!!  

The STATE WARS event is growing each year with the competition continuing to get better and better!  Last summer, 293 teams competed! We expect this summer's event at the beautiful Lutheran Health Sports Center to be our biggest and best ever!

Please keep letting everyone know about trying out.  We will continue to accept registrations as well as onsite registrations.

Our staff looks forward to a great tryout weekend in NEW JERSEY and we wish all of the players good luck!  REGISTER NOW

2014 New Jersey State Tryout Schedule:  Friday April 18th

7:30pm  -   8:30pm         2000, 2001, 2002 & younger

8:30pm  -    9:30pm         1996, 1997, 1998, 1999

9:30pm  -   10:30pm        2000, 2001, 2002 & younger

10:30pm  - 11:30pm         1996, 1997, 1998, 1999

Selected players/parents meeting @ 11:30pm

** players should attend both sessions although only one is required **

**at the Player/Parent meeting, we will : collect payment, take player photo for website profile, check all documents, and review uniform sizing** (if you have attended before and cannot attend, you can leave a check with us and email us the rest of info if absolutely necessary)


Please make sure you have your RHA Membership.  Go to and become a member if you haven't already.  All players need to be RHA members.  If you only want a weekend warrior please see State Wars staff at the state tryout.  If you only do the weekend warrior and you make the state team you will need to another weekend warrior for the State Wars event.  We recommend just doing the Yearly RHA Membership.



We know that some people are experiencing tough economic times but we don't want any player to not have the chance to tryout out for their state team.  Our staff is offering a NO-RISK tryout this year to all players registered online.  If the registered player is not selected by our tryout staff then State Wars Hockey will issue that player a full refund and will give them the practice jersey at no charge just for trying their best.  We do ask that the player attends both tryouts sessions and completes them to the best of their ability.  If a player decides to quit or give up then no refund will be given.


We ask that the player attends both tryout sessions in order for our staff to fully evaluate a player.  It's for the players benefit.  We will do an intro warm-up and then will get right into game play.  So be ready from minute one.


Any player that has made their state team before for State Wars does not have to show proof of either age or residency.  All players who have not tried out before will have to show proof of age and proof of residency at the Mandatory Player/Parent Meeting if they are selected to the state team.  See website for details CLICK HERE.  These documents will be checked AFTER the tryout session is completed and teams are selected!


In addition to being selected for your state team you also have the chance to be selected for the Skills Competition which is held at the STATE WARS event.  We will be selecting for Fastest Skater, Top Sniper, and Top Goalie.  This is for extra fun.


Each player that is selected to their state team will receive home & away custom State Jersey's and custom State Pants for the 2014 STATE WARS event in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Since we order over 4,000 hockey jerseys and 4,000 pants we need to make sure we collect everyone's player fee of $280 at the time of the Mandatory Player/Parent Meeting to ensure that all players are fully registered for the spectacular event.  Checks, money orders and cash are accepted and can be made out to State Wars Hockey Inc.  All details and questions will be discussed at the meeting. 


Encourage your son or daughter to do their best and to give 100% at all times.  Don't stress them out or get them too worked up.  Just love them.  If a player does not make their state team this year don't be upset with them as long as they did their best.  Not every player makes a team, gets the job they want, or drives the car they like and tryouts are no different.  We all learn a lot through things like this but the most important thing a child can learn is that their parents love them.  Thanks for trying out for your state team and we wish you all the best.